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Is Science important? The answer lies right in front of our eyes. Think about a world without technology. No computers, no cars. No vaccines or cures for diseases. Life would be joyless and extremely hard. It was not long ago that this was the case. How ever, now with science on our side it's a whole new story. 

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What You Should Know If Your Dog Has Hip Dysplasia

 The most affected breeds are the large and the medium ones, but it can also affect the small breeds. The most cases of hip dysplasia can be found in breeds like German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, and Saint Bernards. Hip dysplasia is usually caused by your dog genetic heritage. Studies have shown that if your dog has hip dysplasia then your future puppies may be developing hip dysplasia. If you want to buy a puppy you have to select the one whose parents and grandparents haven’t been treated for hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can also be found on humans, cats.

Dog Training Tips: 4 Tricks for Potty Training Your Pooch


 We have all been there, Fido looks up with his big brown puppy dog eyes full of guilt. You are angry and frustrated with what seems like a gallon of pee on your floor and there he is with his tail between his legs looking guilty as sin. Your dog knows you are angry, but what you may not know is why he thinks you are.

Chances are your dog knows you are upset from your body language, the screaming at him or perhaps even because you swatted him with a rolled up newspaper. Your dog knows you’re upset alright, but he thinks it is because there is pee on the floor not because he peed there. Dogs have no way of connecting the two because your corrections show up after the actual act and not during. Potty training can be a frustrating experience, but if you keep that little piece of dog psychology in while using the tips below you should be able to potty train in no time. 


It's All Relative - Einstein's Kink Theory Put to the Test

Nasa scientists are preparing the coolest, strangest and most sensitive experiment ever launched, to answer a question that has teased physicists for 88 years - does the Earth really twist space into a kink as it spins?


Gravity Probe B is a spacecraft of superlatives. It has been the longest in the making, the first funding began more than 40 years ago. It has the coolest instrument ever, chilled by 613 gallons of liquid helium to a bleak -271C, just 2 degrees above absolute zero.


Dell Inspiron 518 Desktop With Core 2 Duo Processor Launched


Dell has announced a new stylish Black-and-Chrome Inspiron 518 desktop PC which is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor and it comes with Dell Widescreen 18.5-inch LCD monitor, DVD writer and Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio.

Dell Inspiron 518 Desktop PC is powered by 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E7300 that features 3-MB L2 cache, 1066 MHz FSB Intel Mobile G33 chipset motherboard, 2-GB DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM, 320 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm) and 16X DVD Super Multi Double Layer DVD writer with 8.5 GB data capacity. 


How to Explore the Night Sky Without a Telescope

meade_telescope.jpgTo maximize what you can see in the night sky there are a few things you should do as preparation. Of course the first thing you need is a clear and cloudless night. And this includes the moon. You should try to do your observing on a night with no moon; or at the least the smallest sliver of moon possible. Its brightness will wash out many of the dimmest and most dramatic objects in the sky. Second you should consider your comfort. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and bring extra layers of clothing if you are observing during cold months.


Pets - Low on your Budget and High on Fun


While every kid dreams of owning a pet, you are perpetually finding reasons to deny them one, primarily because of the cost and time required for its maintenance. So, is there a way out? 

Any kid would vouch for the fact that an unusual pet is a cool pet. So, rather than thinking of getting home the usual dog or cat, think different! There are scores of other animal options that you could choose from. Animals, which are a lot easier to care for, low in price and are perceived as being super cool for their novelty. Here are a few options:


High calcium intake decreases cancer risk, study shows

calcium-rich.jpg A regular intake of calcium could lead to a decrease in the risk for cancer, especially colorectal cancer, for both men and women, a new study shows.

The study which was published in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine” revealed that aside from being an essential element in bone growth, calcium also helps in reducing cancer risk. The authors of the study wrote, "In both men and women, dairy food and calcium intakes were inversely associated with cancers of the digestive system."

Yikyung Park together with his team studied data obtained from 293,907 men and 198,903 women, aged 50 to 71 years old at the time they participated in the “National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study,” which was held between 1995 and 1996.


How to Travel by Plane with Your Cat

travel-cat-dog-240.jpg  Sometimes we just don’t want to leave home without our feline friend. Traveling by plane with your cat requires careful preparations so leave yourself plenty of time to accomplish the steps below.
Step 1: The most important thing you can do in preparing to fly with your cat is to call the airline! You need to know the airline’s policies on cats traveling in the main cabin. (You do not want your cat to travel in the cargo section of the plane!) Ask about the additional cost to you and the size restrictions on the crate.


A Guide to Baby Proofing Your House

baby%20proofing.jpgWhether you are a grandparent planning to baby sit or a new parent bringing in your newborn, you have to prepare the house for the baby. Babies are notorious wanderers and pick up and try to chew whatever fits into their tiny hands. This habit and their general ability to hurt themselves against hard objects, make it necessary to keep the house baby safe. This article will give you general tips on baby proofing your home, so that you can rest easy when the baby is moving around the house. You have to look at all the areas of the house for potentially dangerous objects. Things that appear completely safe to you may still be hazardous for a kid. For instance,platform beds have sharp corners which could hurt the baby's soft head. Thus, you have to use your common sense and instinct while removing items that are unsafe for a child.


Super Solar Flares: Armageddon from the Sun?

253070-532225-36.jpg Most people know what a solar flare is, but few know about a very rare and yet very powerful type of solar flare - a "super solar flare." A super solar flare is about as powerful as the nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) that occurs when a nuclear device that is detonated. A super solar flare or an NEMP could seriously set the world back many, many years as far as technology is concerned. Our earth's atmosphere protects us and our equipment from regular solar flares, but can be easily penetrated by a super solar flare. Which could damage everything from our modern electronics to the power grid.

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