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Mobile phone screen technology can be extremely confusing when you consider that there are many different terms such as AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Retina Display, OLED and Nova being thrown about with little information to describe them.

All the different names tend to refer to technologies developed by a certain brands. This article will cover some of the latest screen technologies pushing mobile phone screen technology to the limit.


If you often find yourself viewing images and video, you will definitely be blown away by Samsung’s AMOLED Plus screens, which offer unparalleled colours and sharpness. AMOLED Plus is considerably more powerful than other AMOLED screens such as SUPER AMOLED. This is because AMOLED Plus has 50% more subpixels, which are responsible for giving better colour representation and sharpness. These screens are found on the latest Galaxy models, so be sure to look at Samsung Galaxy S3 deals if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

Retina Display

Retina Display is the screen technology devised by smartphone giants Apple. What makes this technology so unique is its pixel density, which is said to be so high that it makes pixels invisible to the human eye. The result of this is that on screen images look incredibly smooth, something you immediately notice when using either the iPhone 4 or 4S. This clarity isn’t all in the technology but the screen sizing too. Any larger and the image would become noticeably pixelated. If you’re looking for a high resolution screen that’s great for web browsing and text reading, the iPhone delivers the best image hands down.


Despite the fact this technology is yet to be sold on the market, Samsung’s latest screen technology is set to turn the mobile phone industry on its head. Recently named as Youw, this screen is made of plastic, which may seem shocking to some but when you consider what it can do, you truly will be shocked. Youw is a super flexible screen technology that is said to be virtually unbreakable. This means you can bend the screen any way you like without the fear of shattering or breaking. One can only imagine the mobile phones this technology will spawn and we can’t wait to see what Samsung intend to do with it.


If screen brightness is the name of the game, Nova screens are surely the best. This technology has been championed by the likes of LG, who boast that these screens can output 700 candelas (a measurement of light) which puts the iPhone’s 500 candelas to shame. You may think that brightness is of little importance when compared to pixel density but when you consider that brightness makes viewing in daylight much easier, you may have to reconsider.

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