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panasonic-lcd-projector.jpgPanasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. has announced launch of PT-P1SD LCD projector in India. Panasonic claims that the PT-P1SD is the world’s lightest and smallest LCD projector with built-in SD RAM card slot for standalone slide shows and presentations without the need of being connected to a PC. 
The new Panasonic LCD projector, PT-P1SD, provides a new way to present digital still images or moving pictures taken with a digital still camera or camera mobile phone using the SD memory cards for storage.

By simply inserting such a SD memory card pre-loaded with images, pictures or movie clips into the projector’s SD card slot and the Panasonic PT-P1SD is ready to project clear, bright, beautiful images onto a huge screen without the need for a PC or laptop.

The images on the Panasonic PT-P1SD’s SD card are displayed as a list of thumbnails and users simply select the images they want to view. The PT-P1SD also features built-in slide show functions for viewing your digital photos.

Several transition effects between slides can be custom selected, including wipe, fade, split, blind, checker, slide in, and random or provide automatic photo rotation scheme.

According to Yoshitaka Inuzuka, head, e-Cinema and projector business, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., “The PT-P1SD makes it easy to give a PowerPoint presentation without a PC. Just use Panasonic’s Image Creator software to convert a Microsoft PowerPoint file into JPEG files and save them onto an SD card. The PT-P1SD and SD card are all you need for the presentation; you can leave your PC back at the office. For additional convenience, in Auto Slide Show mode the PT-P1SD begins a presentation or slide show automatically when an SD card is slipped into the card slot.”

The new Panasonic PT-P1SD LCD Projector provides a very simple and hassle free way to give a PowerPoint based presentation without the need of a PC or laptop by first converting the desired Microsoft PowerPoint file into JPEG files (using Panasonic’s Image Creator software) and then save it onto an SD memory card which would go directly into projector’s SD slot.

PC, DVD player, VCR or TV can also be connected to PT-P1SD LCD projector and it can automatically detects the type of source connected and begins content projection no sooner the input device is connected.

The PT-P1SD can display; Exif 2.2 JPEG images that conform with DCF or JPEG files created from Microsoft PowerPoint files using Panasonic Image Creator 1.5 conversion software on an SD card.

The PT-P1SD can display QuickTime Motion JPEG files recorded with a Panasonic LUMIX digital camera on an SD card.

PT-P1SD LCD Projector features

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 65 x 234 x 188 mm
  • Weight 1.3 kg
  • Projection technology LCD
  • Contrast Ratio 400 : 1
  • Max. resolution 800 x 600
  • Brightness (lumens) 1500 ANSI lumens
  • Zoom 1.2x
  • Projection distance 1 to 9.9m
  • Projection image size 38- to 300-inch
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
  • Video input options S-video, VGA, Composite video
  • Onboard devices SD Card slot

Panasonic also announched availability of two more LCD projector models for Indian market, viz. PT-LB50 Series and LB60/LB55 Series which it claims are world’s fastest wireless transmission LCD projectors in India.

Besides having all the features of Panasonic PT-P1SD LCD projector, the PT-LB50 Series and PT LB60/LB55 Series LCD projectors additionally feature a Wireless LAN ability enabling these two models connect to any PC LAN network for content input completely wirelessly.

In addition to the moving pictures, audio data can be sent at the same time, so you can give Microsoft PowerPoint presentations rich in moving pictures and sound effects with wireless convenience.

Panasonic PT-P1SD LCD Projector are available across India at a price of Rs 73,999 and wireless transmission varients, viz. PT-LB50 and the PT-LB60/LB55 series LCD projectors will soon be available at a price starting at Rs. 1,15,999/

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