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lg-blu-ray-disc.jpgLG Electronics has launched its Blu-ray Disk Rewriter, the GBW-H10N, which combines Blu-ray technology with all other prevailing compact DVD optical disc formats including DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM in an internal drive configuration.

According to the company its new Blu-ray Optical Disc Rewriter is capable of providing consumers with higher-quality video and audio rewriting, combined with greater storage capacity achieved using deployment of next generation optical disc format technologies.

Blu-ray optical disk storage technology is the next-generation optical disc format, jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), an strong alliance of the world�s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson.

Blu-ray optical recording format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), as well as storing a very large amounts of data compared to prevailing DVD-RWs. The format offers more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs and can hold up to 25-GB of contents on a single-layer disc while upto 50-GB of contents can be stored on a dual-layer disc. Using Blu-Ray technology for data storage provides multiple benefits vs. existing formats.

While current DVD optical disc storage technologies such as DVD, DVD�R, DVD�RW, and DVD-RAM rely on a red laser to read and write data, the new Blu-ray format which uses a blue-violet laser having a shorter wavelength than other types of lasers, for recording and reading, hence the name Blu-ray. Despite use of blue-violet laser technology, the Blu-ray formatted products can easily be made backwards compatible with CDs and DVDs through the use of a BD/DVD/CD compatible optical pickup unit.


According to R Manikandan, general manager - sales and marketing, IT Division, LG, With the need for greater quality and higher storage capacity, LGs Blu-Ray Disc Drive will have a significant impact in the disc drive category. As a global leader in the optical storage market, our Blu-ray Disc Rewriter is a further testament of our dedication to providing leading-edge technology.

The evolution of storage devices that started with IBMs 5-MB 305 RAMAC giant system in late 1956 seems to have taken rapid strides through most popular portable 1.44-MB 3.5-inch floppy drive in 1980s to reach mammoth 50-GB today on a single 5.25-inch platter

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