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tips-for-panic-attacks-minipic.jpg  Have you ever felt nausea or awakened in the middle of the night out of anxiety and fear? Often a person experiences these symptoms, if he/she falls prey to a panic attack. Panic attack can occur suddenly due to stress and anxiety. A person may experience a panic attack when he/she is unable to cope with symptoms of stress.If a person undergoes excessive stress, many emotional and physical changes occur in the body and the body loses its natural balance. Panic attack is a psychological disorder that may cause stomach problems, increases the risk of heart attack, strokes and causes depression.
Sometimes, one may experience a panic attack due to a genetic cause. Other factors responsible for a panic attack include the death of a loved one, history of childhood sexual abuse, etc. According to some researches, women are more prone to suffer panic attacks than men.

Remedies for Panic Attack

There are some treatments that can help cope with a panic attack. The main objective of these treatments is to eliminate its causes, such as stress, anxiety, depression and fear. Here are some tips that can help cope with the problem of panic attack:

Medications: Antidepressant medicines help one to reduce depression. Besides, mild sedatives are also helpful to lessen nausea. However, one should consult a physician before using any kind of medication, in order to avoid its possible side effects.

Stress management: Stress is characterized by a combination of anxiety, fear and worry. It plays a vital role in causing a panic attack. Hence, it is inevitable to reduce stress. Developing a positive attitude, being able to handle unpleasant emotions, building confidence, ability to share feelings, becoming more assertive, exercising on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body are some stress management techniques which can help one to get rid of the risks of an intense anxiety attack.

Relaxation techniques: Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, imaging or visualizing of beautiful scenery, meditation, yoga, listening to music and hypnosis are some of the relaxation techniques. These relaxation techniques help one to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. They help one to relax mentally as well as physically.

Avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking: Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking affect the body and help cause a panic attack. So, it is best to quit these unhealthy habits.

Consume nutritious food: Nutritious foods like fresh vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and fruits are necessary to keep one healthy. Consumption of nutritious food on a regular basis and avoiding fast foods are some ways to keep fit and sound.

Beside these, cognitive behavioral therapies may also apply to cure insomnia, depression and anxiety, which can lead to panic attacks. In addition, taking counseling on forming a positive attitude and eliminating negative thinking can also help a person to deal with stress and anxiety.

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