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Being one of the legendaries of Italian footwear industry, Prada mens shoes are undoubtedly flashing our eyes with their quality and fashion leading design. Like me, if you are one of these saying 'I am different and I like wearing nifty things' then there is no further to say. There is no much to say as the brand Prada shoes really deserves every single word we speak here.

I had some doubts about the rumours lingering around but when I saw the idiom 'even the devil wears Prada, I was no more in any kind of suspicion. What's more, there are some saying that Papa wears it too =). Above are my reasons for these beauties and the urge to speak on behalf of them here.

However, most of you guys may murmur about one more brand called Gucci, which indeed can not be compared to Prada in all situations as these brands focus on different style of products. But as for me, I prefer Prada mens shoes type shoes to Guccis. They look more futuristic, stylish and fashionable, whereas Gucci follows the same pattern year and year, repeating itself at all.

Well, these are my own thoughts and I do not claim them to be undeniable facts, you can share your own views. What do you think?

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