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Ancient Egyptian civilization is considered as one of the oldest civilization in the history of mankind. Ancient Egyptian culture is known for their pyramids which are still considered as the wonders in 21st century. Scientist and Architects of the modern world are not able to answer the simple question: " How did they build it?"


The treasure discovered with jewels from the pyramids and other monuments put more light on the ancient Egyptian culture. The greatness of this civilization is that it has three thousand years of continuous history.

As the result of the political unification of the major Nile Valley civilizations, the Ancient Egyptian civilization began around 3150BC. After passing through many golden ages and powerful kingdoms of Pharaohs, the era of Ancient Egyptian civilization was ended with the death of legendary queen Cleopatra.

Few points about this great culture are:
  • Clothing: Ancient Egyptian people usually wore white linen tunics, drapes and loin clothes. The clothing style was different for different classes of society. Pharaohs and priests used high quality material. The people from high society used to possess gold jewelery to maintain their status.
  • Farming: The life of the ancient Egypt was dependent on Nile river. Nile was as equal to the life for them. The farmers of that age are known for the invention of the first irrigation system. Some scientists also believe that Egyptian farmers were the first farmers to use a plough.
  • Language: Ancient Egyptian language was at one point the longest surviving and used language. It was used from 3000BC to 11th century. Their writing system was made up of pictures of the real things like birds, tools, etc. These pictures are known as hieroglyph. This language was made up of more than 500 hieroglyphs and is known as hieroglyphics. On the stone monuments or tombs many forms of artistic hieroglyphics can be found.
  • Legal System: Pharaohs were the rulers of ancient Egypt. The laws were made and maintained by the Pharaohs. The laws of the ancient time were based on common-sense view of right and wrong. The punishments were decided considering the severity of the crime. Tomb robbery was considered as serious crime and tomb robbers were punished by execution. Sometimes criminals' families were also punished.
  • Religion: The ancient Egyptian religion was followed for more than ten thousand years until the establishment of Christianity and Islam. Egyptians believed that spiritual part is the integral part of the human body. The beliefs and rituals developed, changed and merged with time depending on the ruling families. Ancient Egyptians were polytheist. Egyptians worshiped vast array of gods with many different powers. The gods were worshiped mainly for protections. Pharaohs were considered as the connections between material and spiritual realms. Priests worshipped gods on behalf of the Pharaohs. Though Egyptians built the temples, they were not open to the public The systems of oracles was used to communicate with gods.
  • Leisure Activities: A variety of games, music and other leisure activities such as hunting and boating were enjoyed by ancient Egyptians. The board games were played for the entertainment. Senet and Mehen were the popular games in ancient Egypt. Music was played and dances were performed during the feasts and festivals. Harps, drums, flutes were quiet popular. Special kind of musical instruments were played during religious ceremonies.

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