Animal science is described as "studying the biology of animals that are under the control of mankind" . Historically the animals studied were farm animals but courses available now look at a far broader area to include companion animals for example dogs, cats, horses and captive animals .

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Zookeepers here feared the worst when they noticed that Jade, a 2-year-old elephant calf, was acting sluggish this month.

The calf was limping slightly, her appetite was down, and the keepers, wary of a deadly herpes virus prevalent in the country’s Asian elephant population, sent a blood sample to a laboratory for analysis.


“That’s pretty much the first thing we do when we see something amiss with our Asian elephant calves,” said Martha Fischer, curator of mammals at the St. Louis Zoo. “It’s such a mysterious disease, and it has presented itself in so many different ways — anything could be a symptom.”


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